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Solar Thermal Energy at Home

Thermal solar energy uses the sun’s warmth to directly heat air or water. The heated air or water can then be circulated to heat your house. Solar hot water heaters do not use photovoltaic or create electricity – they use simple concepts to collect the heat from the sun. Solar hot water heaters harness the same principle that makes the water in your backyard hose become very hot after sitting in the sun for a few hours. Solar hot water heaters are very effective at collecting the solar energy and storing it in a hot water tank for home solar heating or showering. They are simple and inexpensive devices that can dramatically cut home energy costs by efficiently providing hot water – your homes single largest energy.

Depending upon the customer requirement SUNTEK Suggest 2 different types of water heating systems as following,
1) Pressurised
   - Flat Plate Collector Type
2) Non - Pressurised
   - Flat Plate Collector Type
   - Evacuated Tube Collector Type