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Solar PV systems for continuous power supply
SUNTEK Solar Power Packs comes as standard kits for home and small office power solutions. These units have been designed for simple and faster installation with maintenance free operation. The power pack can run power loads from domestic appliances like LED/ CFL lights, Fans, TV, Computer, refrigerator.
  • Description

    The Solar Power pack reduces your peak energy consumption during the day and your power bill and also provides interrupted power supply during power cutoffs.

    The system consists of solar panels, batteries and Power control Unit (PCU) inverter with solar/ Main Hybrid charge controller. The PCU converts Solar DC power into AC with charging of battery from solar or mains with solar as priority.

    When battery voltage is low, the mains charger is turned ON automatically. Next day, when solar radiation is available, the cycle repeats. This ensures healthiness of battery and hence the life of the battery gets extended. Battery deep discharge, over charge protections are provided inside the PCU.
  • Solar power pack has wide range of applications

    Solar power pack has wide range of application where availability of continuous power supply is a necessity.
    - Home
    - Shops
    - Offices
    - Cyber Café
    - school/ colleges
    - Health centers
    - Bank branches
    - Telecom towers
    - Billboard/ Signage