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Suntek Energy Systems are MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standars) approved solar water heater manufacturers and our solar water heaters are certified by European Conformity (CE Mark).
We offer solar water heaters of different capacity depending on customer’s requirement for both domestic and commercial solar water heating systems.

  • About

    Solar water heater (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. A Variety of configurations are available at varying cost to provide solutions in different climates and latitudes, Solar Water Heaters are widely used for residential and some industrial applications. 

    Solar water heating is now a mature technology. Wide spread utilization of solar water heaters can reduce a significant portion of the conventional energy being used for heating water in homes, factories and other commercial & institutional establishments. Internationally the market for solar water heaters has expanded significantly during the last decade. It is estimated that over 107 million m2 of collector area has so far been installed worldwide for heating water. In the country, the collector area so far installed for water heating is over 1million m2. Ministry has plans to add another 2 million m2 in next two years.

    • Solar water heaters (SWHs) of 100 LPD - 500 LPD (liters per day) capacity are applicable for domestic application can be used in independent houses, villas etc.
    • Solar water heaters (SWHs) of 1000 LPD (liters per day) and above capacity are applicable for commercial application can be used in apartments, hostels, restaurants, hotels, hospitals etc.

  • ETC Based Solar Water Heaters

    Evacuated Tube Collector is one of the technology in solar water heater which is economical to use. This is one way to reduce the heat loss inherent flat plates. Since heat loss due to convection cannot cross a vacuum, it forms an efficient isolation mechanism to keep heat inside the collector pipes. Typically, the water piping in an ETC is therefore surrounded by two concentric tubes of glass seperated by a vacuum that emits heat from the sun (to heat the pipe) but limits heat loss. The tube collector is a 3 layered glass tube made of CU, AL, SS. Evacuated tube collector are made of triple layer borosilicate glass tubes which heats water more efficiently even in low temperature.
    • ETC Solar Water Heater mainly comprises of the storage tank, tank insulation, tubes, electrical backup, supporting structure. 
    • The water heating technology or water heating circulation is known as thermosphyon method.
    • For domestic systems the tank insulation material is puff insulation.
    • For commercial systems the tank insulation material is rockwool insulation.
    • The System temperature output is 60-80 Celsius.
    • Domestic ETC Solar Water Heaters
    1. 100 LPD ETC - 10 Tubes (58dia/1800mm)
    2. 200 LPD ETC - 20 Tubes (58dia/1800mm)
    3. 300 LPD ETC - 30 Tubes (58dia/1800mm)
    4. 500 LPD ETC - 34 Tubes (58dia/2100mm)
    • Commercial ETC Solar Water Heaters are multiples of 500 LPD ETC Solar water Heaters.

  • FPC Based Solar Water Heating System

    Flat Plate Collector is one among the technology in solar water heaters which is economical to use. Flat plate collectors are generally more efficient in full sunshine conditions. Heat - transfer fluid (water) is pumped from the hot water storage tank or heat exchanger into the collectors bottom header, and it travels up the risers, collecting heat from the absorber fins, and then exits the collector out of the top header. Flat plate collector model is a traditional model where collectors are made of copper tubes which are selectively coated for generating radiation. The solar radiation is absorbed by flat plate collector which consist of an absorber (selectively coated) sheets with inbuilt channels or riser tubes to carry water. 
    • Flat Plate Collector Solar water heaters comprise of the storage tank, tank insulation, collectors, electrical backup and supporting structure.
    • The water heating technology or water heating circulation is known as thermosphyon method.
    • For domestic systems the tank insulation material is puff insulation.
    • For commercial systems the tank insulation material is rockwool insulation.
    • The system temperature output is 60-800 Celsius.
    • Domestic FPC Solar Water Heaters
    1. 100 LPD FPC - 1 Collector
    2. 200 LPD FPC - 2 Collectors
    3. 300 LPD FPC - 3 Collectors
    4. 500 LPD FPC - 4 Collectors
    • Commercial FPC solar water heaters are 1000 LPD and above FPC Solar water heaters depending on the customer requirement.
    • Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heaters are of two types
    1. FPC Non - Pressurised Solar Water Heating Systems.
    2. FPC Pressurised Solar Water Heating Systems. 

  • Environmental benefits

    The benifits of solar water heaters are numerous and considerable.
    1.  A 50 percent reduction in traditional (emitting) energy use means a 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.
    2.  solar water heating systems are highly cost effective and low maintenance cost.
    3. They are efficient. Approximately 80% radiation is turned into heat energy.
    4. Very low heat loss due to insulated storage tank.
    5. Maintenance free and easy to clean.
    6. Solar water heater generates reasonable temperature even in cloudy days.
  • Payback period

    - 1-2 years when electricity is replaced
    - 2-3 years when furnace oil is replaced
    - 4-6 years when coal is replaced

    Though the initial investment for a solar water heater is high compared to available conventional alternatives, the return on investment has become increasingly attractive with the increase in prices of conventional energy.