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Solar Security Fencing System

This system shall meet the requirements of Customers whose premises are to be protected against tress-passing, Thefts etc. This system is useful for Domestic purpose, Industrial purpose, Apartments, Gated communities, Jewelry shops etc.  

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  • The SUNTEK solar fencing system will be a Non-Lethal Solar Powered Perimeter Security System.
  • The SUNTEK solar fencing system will operate as Psychological and Physical Barrier.
  • The SUNTEK solar fencing system will alert any kind of intrusion through an audio alarm system that can be in the vicinity of more than 500 meters, within a second.
  • The SUNTEK solar Security Fence System will produce a high voltage at desired energy output, Which will act as an active deterrent, a physical barrier and a reliable detection system.
  • The SUNTEK solar Security Fence System produces a high voltage in the range of 6.0 KV to 9.9KV to deter, detect and deny physical intrusion by giving the intruder a short, sharp and painful shock.
  • The Energizer will be able to check the fence around 50 times a minute and the instant the pulsated wires are cut or tampered, a built-in-alarm will immediately alert the monitoring personnel and security authorities, along with the zone of attempted break-in(optional).
  • External Audio Alarm will be activated within two seconds. As a precautionary means an internal audio alarm is provided as a substitute in case of failure of external alarm.
  • Solar PV Module of reputed make will be supplied, Which can generate the required energy to charge the Lead Acid Battery. In general the battery backup provided would be for 120 Hrs. In the event of complete darkness or Solar power input failure.

Save MoneyAs solar energy is free energy, which is a renewable source of energy unlike fossil fuel. After the initial installment of your system it is completely free.

Go GreenPower fencing is environment friendly and generating electricity through residential solar power systems are completely pollution free. There can be some pollution during the manufacture of solar cells and infrastructure, but once installed, they are completely pollution free.

Zero Maintenance: The residential smart fencing panels hardly need any maintenance once they are installed, as they last for a very long time. On the other hand, other source of electricity generation needs regular monitoring and heavy maintenance.

With these clear advantages in mind, you can make a better decision whether having a solar energy setup for your home or business is a practical decision or not. Countless individuals though have proven that using solar energy is indeed the future and the future is already here. You just have to pick SUNTEK ENERGY SYSTEMS Pvt Ltd to get best solar fencing.


Customer Name Meters   Location   Installation Date
M/S:Kishore Sales & Services 100 Nizambad   03-Dec-2017
M/S:Vertex Prime 500 Kukatpally   30-Jun-2017
Mr.Pavanaputhra 186 Gadwal   30-Dec-2017
M/S:Arms Builders Pvt Ltd 455 Secunderbad   15-Jun-2018
M/S:Trishala Infra Structure Pvt Ltd 596 Kothaguda   16-Jun-2018
M/S:Bhavana Residence Welfare Associations 97 Kukatpally   31-Mar-2019
Mr.Veera Venkata Satyanarayana 502 Beeramguda   31-Jul-2019
M/S:Vedamsa Infrastructure Pvt Ltd 192 Isnapur   01-Aug-2019


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