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FPC Non Pressurized Model

The Solar Radiation is absorbed by Flat Plate Collector which consist of an insualted outer metallic box covered on the top with glass sheeet. Inside thereare blackened metallic absorber(selectively coated) sheets with inbuilt channels or riser tubes to carry water. The absorber absorbs the solar radiation and transfers the heat to the flowing water. 

Flat Plate Collector model is a traditional model where collectors are made of copper tubes which are selectively coated for generating radiation. This model is recommended for pressurised applicatiions where pressure pump is used between cold water and soalr tank.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Description
Manufacturer SUNTEK
Item number SWH-002
Country of manufacture India
Tubes Toughned glass
Collector 1030mm/2030mm
Tank MS/ SS
Structure Powder coated
Heat Temaparature 60-80 centigrade
Warranty 2years
Insulating Material Puff/Rockwool
Density of material 28-48kg/m3
Tank Leakage incidence 0.2%
Heating Duration 4-5hrs
Application Multi Purpose

Flat Plate Collector Solar water heaters comprise of the storage tank, tank insulation, collectors, electrical backup and supporting structure.

The water heating technology or water heating circulation is known as thermosphyon method.

For domestic systems the tank insulation material is puff insulation.

For commercial systems the tank insulation material is rockwool insulation.
The system temperature output is 60-800 Celsius.
Domestic FPC Solar Water Heaters

  • 100 LPD FPC - 1 Collector
  • 200 LPD FPC - 2 Collectors
  • 300 LPD FPC - 3 Collectors
  • 500 LPD FPC - 4 Collectors

Commercial FPC solar water heaters are 1000 LPD and above FPC Solar water heaters depending on the customer requirement.
Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heaters are of two types
FPC Non - Pressurised Solar Water Heating Systems.
FPC Pressurised Solar Water Heating Systems.


1-2 years when electricity is replaced.
2-3 years when furnace oil is replaced
4-6 years when coal is replaced
Though the initial investment for a solar water heater is high compared to available conventional alternatives, the return on investment has become increasingly attractive with the increase in prices of conventional energy.    

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