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Evacuated Tube Collectors(ETC)  Solar Water Heating system is made of 3 layered Borosilicate tubes which heats water efficiently even in low temparature. The Outer wall   of inner tube is coated with selective absorbing material(CU, AL, SS wafers). This helps to increase absorption of solar radiation and transfers the heat into water which flows through the inner tube. It is new technology very cost effective and fast heating.

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ETC Solar Water Heater mainly comprises of the storage tank, tank insulation, tubes, electrical backup, supporting structure.

The water heating technology or water heating circulation is known as thermosphyon method.


Domestic ETC Solar Water Heaters

  • 100 LPD ETC - 10 Tubes (58dia/1800mm)
  • 200 LPD ETC - 20 Tubes (58dia/1800mm)
  • 300 LPD ETC - 30 Tubes (58dia/1800mm)
  • 500 LPD ETC - 34 Tubes (58dia/2100mm)
  • Commmercial ETC Solar Water Heaters are multiples of 500 LPD ETC Solar water Heaters.


1-2 years when electricity is replaced
2-3 years when furnace oil is replaced
4-6 years when coal is replaced
Though the initial investment for a solar water heater is high compared to available conventional alternatives, the return on investment has become increasingly attractive with the increase in prices of conventional energy.      

Manufacturer SUNTEK
Item number SWH-001
Country of manufacture India
Tubes Highly Borosilicate
Tubes Dia 58 dia (1800/2100)
Tank MS/ SS
Structure Powder coated
No.of layers triple layer
Heat Temaparature 60-80 centigrade
Warranty 2-5years
Insulating Material Puff/Rockwool
Tank Leakage incidence 0.2%
Heating Duration 4-5hrs
Application Multi Purpose

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