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5 Benefits of Solar Water Heaters You Must Know

07 June 2019

I still remember the time when my General Science teacher in Class V told us that, “The nation that leads in renewable energy will be the nation that leads the world.” But are we(as humans) ever realize what we are loading to our mother nature? If this persists, I wonder what are we passing to our future generation. The atmosphere is entirely stuffed with carbon dioxide and many harmful global-warming emissions. All these gases formed like a blanket which is a result of all our skeptical diseases and downrate of human life span.


Now, you might be wondering what can I do alone? How does global warming can be cool down by me alone? What’s the matter, anyway?  

I tell you! If you really are looking for a change, you need to realize that change begins with you. Yep! Let us all do one step at a time.  

One of the beneficial things you can do is to get the solar water heaters installed at your home. Because the statistics indicate us that around 35% of the energy consumption comes under heating water. That’s quite a percentage. Innit? Thus, today, we have decided to write this blog that tells you clearly the solar water heater benefits and why you must get ‘em.


#1 Renewable Energy Resource


It is #1 for a reason. Amidst all the benefits I could list for solar panels, the significant thing is that solar energy is a renewable energy source. In layman terms, there would be no shortage of solar energy, unlike our other resources. The solar energy is accessible as long as the sun rises in the East. Today, we could borrow the energy resources from other nations but one day, they would also be at the brink of it and won’t hesitate to step back. But, according to scientists, it is known that we would have sunlight for the next 5 BILLION years.


#2 Save Some Bucks in your Pocket


While the scorching sun is ready in town, we all tend to loosen up the heat under chilled A/C. All cool. All good.

But, I am sure, a few sweatdrops might fall down from your head while looking at the electricity bill. Thus, solar water heaters are extremely beneficial since no one’s going to charge you for energy consumption. With these heaters at home, your bills will ultimately drop and as a result, you could increment your savings amount. In general, people assume that this is a high investment but the cost of just two or three panels is far less than the amount you usually invest in the fuels every year.


#3 Low Maintenance - High Returns


Yes! Although the initial investment for solar panels might seem high, the return on investment is incredibly attractive. Because a good quality solar water heating system does require maintenance once in a blue moon and the solar water heaters suppliers are now just across the street. Since they know how to install it, they would know how to repair it too. That’s not an issue, anyway. My point is when you go for any electric run water heater, it needs constant replacement or repair regardless of its quality.


#4 Save Space


If you feel you do not have enough space to bring solar panels on-board, you have to think again. Because the solar water heating system does not demand much installation space. An average Indian home of two to four members will require a maximum of three panels with dimensions of 2 by 1 meter.


#5 Environmental Friendly


With all the technological advancements, solar energy has now become accessible, affordable, and ultimately beneficial. But make sure you get the installation from the best solar water heater distributors because, with products high in demand, the possibility of the fake products is also high. Anyway, keeping the environment free of pollution is our responsibility. In that matter, the solar water heating system is quite environment-friendly since it does not consume any fossil and keep the surrounding clean and green.


We would not have a future tomorrow if we destroy the environment today. Maybe it’s time for all of us to stand together and give our next generation, a better tomorrow!

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